Effol - Friendship must be Cultivated

Friendship must be cultivated. This is not only proven wisdom, but also the understanding of the relationship between man and horse. For Effol, friendship means responsibility, care, trust and appreciation. Effol focuses on your friendship with the horse because caring for a horse should not be a chore, but a service that is gladly performed.

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Experienced competition and leisure riders, breeders and drivers all over the world - in fact, everyone for whom their horse is not just a farm animal, but a friend that they like to look after with care - trust the proven Effol brand. High-quality, natural ingredients guarantee the high standards of our complete range. For over 100 years, we have been committed to the vitality, performance and health of your horse.

The complete range of Effol care products ensures the well-being of your horse. All Effol care products are dermatologically tested; moreover, the raw materials are processed in accordance with pharmaceutical law. Therefore, our products are extremely kind to the skin and coat.