We are an internationally active family business based in Austria with over two decades of experience in the development and production of feed supplements for horses. Our wide range of feed supplements is produced in Austria and contains the best raw materials such as herbs and plant extracts in pharmacopoeia quality. This enables us to guarantee consistently high quality and effectiveness "Made in Austria".

With the natural feed supplements from SanoVet, products are available for all areas of application to support the health and performance of your horses. Whether leisure horse, showjumper, dressage horse or racehorse, the high-quality supplementary feeds from SanoVet have been appreciated by professionals worldwide for many years. Because every horse, whether it is a sport horse, a leisure horse or a pensioner in the paddock, deserves only the best.

SanoVet: 22 products


  • SanoVet Calm Cubes
    • For nervousness and tension
    • In a practical treat form
    • Ideal for on the go
  • SanoVet Biotin Plus
    • Highly concentrated biotin
    • 500g can is enough for 3 months!
  • SanoVet Supra Anabolin
    • Contains all essential amino acids
    • Supports muscle building
    • For high strength and endurance performance
  • SanoVet Liver Vital
    • Vegetable support for the liver
    • Milk thistle, artichoke, nettle
    • Promotes the detoxification function of the liver
    • Supports performance and vitality
    • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids
    • For sport horses and breeding
    • A high iron content promotes the formation of red blood cells
    • Ingredients are dissolved and can therefore be quickly absorbed
    • Trace elements and vitamins support the conversion of energy
    • To support the muscle metabolism
    • To support the immune system
    • Highly concentrated vitamin E and L-lysine
  • SanoVet E-​60,000

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant
    • To prevent muscle tension and hardening
    • For muscle building and muscle regeneration
    • For nervousness and tension
    • Without a reduction in motivation
    • According to the FEI, doping-free
    • Extra energy boost
    • High quality, natural energy supplier
    • High performance through rapidly available energy
    • High energy density
    • Easily digestible
    • Preservation of glycogen reserves
  • SanoVet Power Tonic

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Serves to compensate for fluid losses
    • Water soluble powder
    • With minerals, trace elements and vitamins
    • Herbal mixture in pharmacopoeia quality
    • To support the physiological lung function
    • Additionally enriched with vitamins
  • SanoVet Horse Vital Plus

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • To support the immune system
    • With valuable nucleotides
    • Finely ground herbal mixture in pharmacopoeia quality
    • To support the stomach and intestines
    • Sugar & grain free
    • With fermented grasses
    • Combination product for joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle building
    • With amino acids and MSM
    • Ideal for heavy loads and for older horses
    • Vitamin E plus grape seed flour
    • Cell renewal nucleotides
    • To support muscle regeneration
    • Contains valuable nucleotides
    • With grape seed flour
    • With nucleotides!
    • To support muscle building
    • Contains all essential amino acids
    • Supports healthy bowel function
    • Supports the immune system
    • For an optimisation of the feed conversion
    • To support the joints and cartilage
    • With glucosamine and MSM
    • Ideal for heavy loads and for older horses
    • With valuable nucleotides
    • Supports skin and coat
    • Contains sea buckthorn

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