Product Test: Hoof Support

Product Test: Hoof Support

A horse's hooves need particular substances such as the scaffold protein keratin in order to grow well. A lack of amino acids, vitamins, or minerals can have a negative effect on hoof growth, horn substance, and elasticity. This is one of many important reasons to ensure your horse enjoys a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

The Hoof Support Pellets by the brand NutriLabs contain calcium, dimethyl sulfone, and biotin. Plus, many important amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements have been added to the formula to support vital processes, promoting strong hoof growth.

But does the product live up to its promise? We have tested the complementary feed on 2 different horses for 3 months.

Test Horse Bandera

Bandera tends to have brittle, fragile hooves that grow rather slowly.

Bandera enjoyed eating the pellets from the beginning. After a while, you really could see an improvement in the hoof structure. After the test phase, the hooves have definitely become visibly stronger and harder, and their growth has improved.

Test Horse Glücksi

The problem with Glücksi is that he tends to drag his hind legs. This not only means that his hooves wear down quickly, but he also loses his rear horseshoes from time to time. The rear hooves are therefore often very short.

There was not much change to the hoof structure after the test phase, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The hooves have definitely grown faster, making it easier to deal with small problems in the future.


Both horses accepted the Hoof Support Pellets well and showed positive changes. We can therefore very much recommend the complementary feed to all horse owners who are struggling with hoof problems.