Dr. Weyrauch No. 17 Feuerstrahl Liquid

A modern vitamin supplement

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  • Vitamins for high performance & health
  • Supports the nerves
  • High bioavailability through micronutrients

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German packaging: Nr. 17 Feuerstrahl flüssig

Decreased performance and nervousness, chronic or debilitating illnesses, and problems shedding in older horses are good reasons to rethink the horse's vitamin supply.

Competition horses also benefit from a high-quality supply of antioxidant nutrients and B complex vitamins. No. 17 Feuerstrahl is a vitamin booster in which the vitamins of the B complex in particular are embedded in a quick and easy-to-transport basis made from honey, brewer's yeast, lecithin, and the extract from red fruits and lycopene. This improves the bioavailability of the vitamins and brings about a vitamin saving effect.

Vitamin B12 for high performance and health

  • In addition to the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, the Feuerstrahl is also rich in vitamin B12. A lack of vitamin B12 could contribute to the development of nitrosative stress (which triggers mitochondriopathies), which in turn could cause multi-system diseases (exhaustion, listlessness, muscle and joint pain, concentration disorders, difficulty understanding and depression) to develop.
  • In the metabolism, vitamin B12 is integrated into a system that intercepts aggressive nitrogen monoxide radicals and promotes cell respiration and health. Vitamin B12 is also indispensable for competitive sports. An adequate intake of vitamin B12 contributes to resilient red blood cells that conduct oxygen through the smallest capillaries to the periphery of the body. This improves blood flow to the muscles, brain, skin and internal organs, which can be beneficial for sport horses and older horses.

B vitamins for the Nerves

  • A need-based supply of B vitamins, lecithin and glutamine is important for the regeneration of the nerve cells. A lack of vitamin B leads to nervous disorders, brain development disorders, psychoses and many other mental problems. While the lack of vitamin B1 can also lead to cramps and paralysis, a vitamin B2 deficiency is more likely to cause mucous membrane and skin problems. A vitamin B6 deficiency is linked to nervous tissue disorder and difficulty building muscle. Biotin acts as a coenzyme. Deficiencies may also cause muscle and skin problems as well as hair growth disorders. Biotin is said to stimulate hoof growth.
  • The usability of many B vitamins depends on the body's supply of trace elements.

Vitamin D

  • A lack of vitamin D is associated with disorders in insulin metabolism and increased inflammation. An increased intake of vitamin D could significantly reduce insulin resistance for human patients with glucose intolerance (Pharmaceutical Newspaper June 2012). This knowledge can also be applied to horses.

High bioavailability through micronutrients from plants

  • In comparison to all other Dr. Weyrauch products, synthetic vitamins (except for vitamin E) were used in this product because it was not possible to obtain the vitamins from natural sources. The vitamins are combined with a base of dried honey and red fruit extracts to ensure the high bioavailability of the vitamins. No. 17 Feuerstrahl is free of preservatives, flavours or binders!
  • High-quality phyllochinone (vitamin K1) was chosen as the source for the vitamin K.

No. 17 Feuerstrahl Liquid

Liquid Feuerstrahl is made with a fructose-lecithin emulsion in which the vitamins are highly bioavailable in the smallest fat-soluble cells. Similar to the body's own transport systems, the vitamins - wrapped in a membrane - are carried into the cells so they can rapidly compensate for deficiencies. The liquid supplement contains: fructose, water, and lecithin. The extremely tasty product and is made completely without preservatives. The fructose content of 10 ml (per daily ration) is made up of only 5g of fruit sugar (roughly half an apple) and does not burden the insulin levels in the body.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Feed15 to 30 ml per horse and day. For ponies and small horses use correspondingly less.
  • Due to the increased vitamin content, please do not feed more than 40 ml per horse per day. This product is ADMR compliant.
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