Lexa Liver Metabolism Treatment

Special blend of herbs and nutrients

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Special features:

  • Supports the healthy function of the liver
  • Supports the entire metabolism through a tried and tested combination of herbs (including milk thistle seeds) and valuable nutrients.

Ideal for:

  • During the coat change, to support the liver and metabolism
  • With emaciation
  • For nutritional support in case of skin problems (also Mauke)
  • For support in the event of a reduction in performance
  • After feeding errors with simultaneous correction of the ration
  • For general metabolism support
Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses

More information

= Commercial form: = 3kg bucket = Composition: = Brewer's yeast, Leinexpellerfeinmehl, products and by-products of the bakery industry (waffle flour), alfalfa green flour, wheat flour, sugar beet molasses, linseed oil, orange oil, black cumin oil, fatty acids, milk thistle seeds, rose hips, anise, garlic, fennel, liquorice seeds, fenugreek seeds, caraway seeds Marshmallow root, black cumin, mallow blossoms, thyme, sage leaves, eucalyptus leaves, cowslips, elderflower, lime blossom, spruce sprouts, vegetable fat (palm) = Ingredients: = Crude protein 23.4%% Crude fat 4.2% Crude fibre 3.0% Crude ash 4.1% = Additives per kg: = Vitamin E 10,000 mg Vitamin B1 5,000 mg Vitamin B2 3,000 mg Vitamin B6 8,000 mg Vitamin B12 15,000 µg Nicotinic acid 10,000 mg Pantothenic acid 4,000 mg Folic acid 300 mg Betaine 10,000 mg Choline chloride 35,000 mg Lecithin 50,000 mg L-carnitine 2,500 mg DL-methionine = Feeding recommendation: = Large horses: 50 g (1 measuring spoon) per day Small horses, ponies: 30 to 40 g per day Please note the waiting period of 48 hours according to the new national doping regulations due to certain herbs contained.


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