Allergy - a common disease of our time

Monday, 04. May 2020

Allergy - a common disease of our time

The immune system in a state of emergency

Persistent cough, recurring diarrhoea, itchy skin, eczema and chronic eye infections - the symptoms of allergies are diverse. A clear diagnosis is therefore usually not easy. But the dreaded overreaction of the immune system is a common disease of our time. Basically harmless substances are classified as a threat by the organism and combated, a simple overreaction by the body. Often the deeper cause is an overload of the organism due to feeding errors, environmental influences, vaccinations, stress and unfavourable housing conditions in combination with their genetic disposition.

The GladiatorPLUS milieu feeding supports a healthy balance - so that the horse's body can help itself
Since allergens can be found everywhere, the treatment approach of completely avoiding contact with the allergens just isn't feasible. It makes more sense to tackle the problem at its core and to stabilise the horse's body as a whole. Unnecessary stress in feeding horse should be avoided. It's time to reduce the essentials. Milieu feeding is ideal for allergic horses, as it enables the body to be given meaningful impulses with just a few selected natural substances. It supports the disorganised immune system in the right places so that it's able to help itself again.

The importance of the body environment for the health of the horse
The inner body environment of a horse can be compared to the working atmosphere in a company. If there is a good working atmosphere, the employees feel comfortable and their work is easier. The "co-workers" of the body feel the same way. They too depend on a good basic mood - a healthy body environment. This decides how well each organ, each process, down to the smallest cell, works and how harmonious the interaction of the individual “departments” is. Translated in terms of the horse's body, this means that the body milieu determines health vs illness, and strength vs weakness.