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Tasty reward muesli

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This premium muesli is ideal for horses that do not need large amounts of concentrated feed. A moderate energy level is achieved due to the low proportion of hydrothermally digested maize and barley flakes. The fruit and vegetable components ensure a great taste. Thanks to the natural nutrients, the feeding is enhanced with natural vital substances and a harmonious variety of nutrients in secondary plant substances and essential fatty acids is provided.

The muesli does not contain any mineral, vitamin or trace element pellets, is completely free of molasses and has a low grain content. It is ideal as a reward muesli after work or to mix in the mineral feed.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Large horses: Depending on workload up to 1.5kg per day.
  • Small horses and ponies: Depending on workload up to 1kg per day.
  • If the energy requirement is higher, fruit mix can be supplemented with a cereal.
  • Please add a suitable mineral feed.
Animal Feed: Single Horse Feed
More information
= Composition: = Leinexpeller fine flour, green alfalfa flour, barley 10% (hydrothermally digested and rolled), pea flakes, 5% maize (hydrothermally digested and rolled), rose hips, rapeseed oil, apple, black cumin, sunflower cake made from peeled seeds, carrots, carob, chopped pear, sunflower seeds , Brewer's grains, bananas, linseed oil, brewer's yeast, carrot cubes, 11% starch, 3% sugar = Analytical components: = Crude protein 15.6% Phosphorus 0.3% Magnesium 0.3% Sodium 0.1% Potassium 0.7% Energy (ME) 8.2 MJ / kg dvRp 11.5% = Additives per kg: = Bentonite montmorillonite (1m558i) 60,000 I.U. Kieselguhr (purified diatomaceous earth, E551c) 7,500 I.U. Lignosulfonate (E565) 12,000 mg.

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