Equitron-Pro Grand Prix Competition 2021

Welcome to our Equitron-Pro Grand Prix Competition 2021!

Great prizes are waiting for you:
1st prize: An exclusive Geero 1 City Classic Cream e-bike worth €2,800.00
2nd prize: Voucher worth €1,000 from Equus Vitalis
3rd prize: Voucher worth €500 from Effol/Effax

And this is how you can participate:
Fill out our online form HERE

ABOUT EQUUS VITALIS - your online partner for everything to do with horses
Whether you are looking for staple or supplementary feed, equipment, stylish riding fashion or grooming articles - at
Equus Vitalis you will find everything that makes horse and rider happy. Besides brands such as Agrobs, Pavo, Kentucky Horsewear and Eskadron, our own high-quality brand Equus Vitalis is also part of the uniquely extensive range. A carefully compiled selection of fine products for dogs and cats rounds off our range of products.

This is why Equus Vitalis is so unique:
1) We love horses! Full stop.
2) We are real professionals - motivated & competent.
3) We are constantly expanding our already extensive product range with carefully selected products
4) We offer an exciting variety of products - all in one place.
5) We are always there for you and are very, very happy to advise you.

ABOUT GEERO - Made in Austria - Puristic, yet with great attention to detail.
Geero is THE high-performance e-bike with a noble retro look. Choose from many different models and look forward to outstanding riding pleasure. Of course, you can also use it like a "normal" bike - the whisper-quiet motor supports you up to 125 km if necessary. At just under 16 kilos, Geero is also a lightweight among e-bikes. Geero is an innovative, Styrian e-bike with a sophisticated design. Thanks to the invisible battery built into the frame and the whisper-quiet motor, it looks like a normal bike, but inside is state-of-the-art technology. You can ride up to 125 km on one battery charge. The motor has an output of 250 watts and supports a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Despite the above-average battery, a Geero weighs barely more than 16 kilograms. Would you like to learn more about Geero? Then take a look at www.geero.at and book your first test ride right away!

Equus Vitalis and Geero - how do they fit together? Quite simply - both brands belong to the niceshops group. niceshops GmbH is a Styrian company based in Saaz near Feldbach with branches in Graz and Vienna. Developed here are online shops in various product segments and in several European markets. Currently, 460 employees in Saaz send over 18,800 parcels a day to Europe and the world. Together we now have more than four million customers from over 150 countries.

Despite the different brands, our shops have a few things in common:
● A finely sorted range from the respective area.
● An excellent price/performance ratio
● Fastest possible delivery and purchase processing.
● Problem-free guarantee and exchange rights
● Always good humour and friendly communication in customer service!

Effol & Effax - Friendship must be nurtured
Friendship must be cultivated. This is not only a tried and tested piece of wisdom, but also the but also the understanding of the relationship between man and horse. Friendship for Effol & Effax means responsibility, care, trust and appreciation. Effol and Effax focus on the friendship with the horse, because grooming is not a chore, but a pleasure, a service that is gladly performed by a friend. The complete range of care products ensures the well-being of your horse. All care products are dermatologically tested; moreover, the raw materials are processed in accordance with pharmaceutical law. Therefore, the products are extremely kind to the skin and coat.