"Every horse has the right to the best supplements."

We work for this day after day with love for horses, horse competence, responsibility and enthusiasm. All members of the equinova® team understand this as motivation and challenge. In research, in development, in the selection of raw materials, in production, in quality assurance and in advising horse owners and riders. Permanent further training on the latest scientific findings, constant communication with equine scientists, veterinarians, horse people in breeding, training and sport give us and you the certainty that equinova® premium supplements offer reliable, effective solutions to nutritional and constitutional supply problems. Unique formulas with the best possible bioavailability and high efficiency, with maximum acceptance and digestibility enable tangible, visible success.

equinova® premium supplements are Made in Germany, the country with the strictest regulations and controls in the EU.

equinova® is a brand of Höveler Pferdefutter with over 115 years of international experience of successful horse feeding.

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  • equinova Herba Mash
    5.0 (1)

    equinova Herba Mash, 5 kg

    • Supports healthy digestion
    • Promotes general well-being
    • Supports regeneration
  • equinova Vitalysan
    4.0 (2)

    equinova Vitalysan, 3 kg

    • For overall care
    • Made with vitamins & minerals
    • Promotes better performance
  • equinova Booster

    equinova Booster, 2,50 kg

    • With vitamin E
    • Includes electrolytes
    • Supports regeneration
  • equinova Bronchosecerin Liquid

    equinova Bronchosecerin Liquid, 1 l

    • Made with herbs
    • Supports the immune system
    • With phytochemicals
  • equinova X‐Oil‐Energy

    equinova X‐Oil‐Energy, 1 l

    • With L-carnitine
    • Upgrade your horse's feed
    • Supports the metabolism
  • equinova Arthroagil Basic Liquid

    equinova Arthroagil Basic Liquid, 1 l

    • High-quality plant-based active ingredients
    • Positive effect on the musculoskeletal system
    • With vitamins E & C
  • equinova Bronchosecrin Powder
    5.0 (1)

    equinova Bronchosecrin Powder, 1,40 kg

    • Supports the healthy function of the bronchi
    • With high-quality herbs
    • Strengthens the airways
  • equinova Myoprotect Liquid
    5.0 (2)

    equinova Myoprotect Liquid, 1 l

    • Promotes serenity
    • Stimulates the muscles
    • Supports regeneration
  • equinova Vitalysan Pellets

    equinova Vitalysan Pellets, 3 kg

    • For a full supply of vitamins and minerals
    • Supports performance & muscles
    • With fibre-rich lucerne meal
  • equinova Digest Pro Powder

    equinova Digest Pro Powder, 1 kg

    • Supports digestion
    • Ideal for nervous horses
    • Made with electrolytes
  • equinova GASTRO-RENON

    equinova GASTRO-​RENON, 3 kg

    • Gentle on the stomach
    • Grain & molasses-free recipe
    • Antioxidants from grape extract
  • equinova Keranelle Liquid
    2.0 (1)

    equinova Keranelle Liquid, 1 l

    • Promotes a healthy coat
    • Supports the quality of your horse's hooves
    • For a glossy shine
  • equinova Haemoferan Liquid

    equinova Haemoferan Liquid, 1 l

    • Supports sport horses
    • Promotes the healthy function of the musculoskeletal system
    • Ideal for growing horses
  • equinova Betacarotilyt Powder

    equinova Betacarotilyt Powder, 2 kg

    • Supplied with vitamin A
    • Supports pregnancy
    • Contains dextrose & brewer's yeast

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