Complementary Feed from Equanis

At Equanis, we see ourselves as partners and friends of horses. That is why we would like to offer you holistic support in feeding your horse in a balanced and needs-based manner. We have developed our supplementary feed according to a balanced concept based on the horse's needs to ensure that your horse stays healthy and lives a long, natural life.

Equanis' products are driven by love and a sense of responsibility towards horses. Many years of experience and a holistic view of animal welfare are the principles guiding the development of our range. Each of our supplementary feed products supports you in eliminating feed-related deficiency symptoms in your horses. We use the combined benefits of nature, technology and science to work together seamlessly during production.

Equanis: 11 products


  • Equanis HoofOptimizer
    • Carefully developed hoof cure
    • With important vitamins & trace elements
    • Contains, among others, biotin, MSM & zinc
  • Equanis RelaxActive
    • Magnesium in liquid form
    • Optimised with vitamin B12 & L-tryptophan
    • Supports calm & serenity
  • Equanis BronchoActive
    • Mit 13 auserwählten Kräutern
    • Wertvolle ätherische Öle
    • Kann das Abhusten fördern
  • Equanis MoveActive
    • With important MSM & glucosamine
    • In liquid form
    • For stronger phases of stress & older horses
  • Equanis BodyRefit
    • Liquid electrolytes
    • With sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium chloride
    • Optimised with dextrose
  • Equanis VitaminBooster
    • Wide spectrum of important vitamins
    • With calcium & biotin
    • Optimal for heavily used & older horses
  • Equanis BiotinActive
    • Biotin, Zinc Copper & B Vitamins
    • Free from molasses & added sugar
    • Ideal for preparation for the change of coat
  • Equanis MuscleActive
    • Important plant substances
    • Contains spirulina, brewer's yeast, vitamin E, etc.
    • Free from molasses, cereals & added sugar
  • Equanis BiotinBooster
    • Optimised with important zinc
    • Supports a shiny coat
    • In liquid form
  • Equanis DetoxBooster
    • Natural detoxification cure
    • With selected plant substances
    • In pellet form
  • Equanis Devil ́s Claw
    • The liquid devil's claw
    • High content of harpagoside
    • Gentle manufacturing process

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