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A special raw fibre concentrate

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German packaging: Weide Ergänzer

Many horses suffer from digestive problems due to a lack of fibre at the start of the grazing season or during the grazing period. These digestive problems can manifest themselves in diarrhoea or watery faeces.

Eggersmann Weide Ergänzer has been upgraded with a special raw fibre concentrate called Darm Fit. The muesli does not contain any vitamins, since there should be plenty of vitmains in pasture grass.

The Weide Ergänzer contains highly available trace elements that are found in pasture grass. These trace elements are provided in their most bio-available forms. Important minerals are also supplied via this feed. Pasture supplements contain little protein, as the grass horses graze on is very high in protein, especially at the beginning of the grazing period.

This supplement is perfect for any horses that are kept on a pasture from the grazing season through autumn.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Light to medium work: approx. 200 g - 400 g per 100 kg body weight/day
  • The supplement can also be used over the winter but should be supplemented with an additional mineral feed.
Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses

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