Eggersmann Vitalize Sport Plus

For Demanding Sport Horses

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The special recipe made from hydrothermally digested and expanded grain supports a quick release of energy and an optimal supply of nutrients. Milk thistle oil also contributes to the increased energy supply. In addition, the high content of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine is also geared towards the special needs of high-performance horses. This means that the muscles can be optimally supported during development and regeneration. The balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can also stimulate the horse's metabolism.

Added AO-Ferm (fermentation product of the Aspergillus oryze fungus) has a probiotic effect and is responsible for improving the digestibility of raw fibres and starch. Enriched with valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

Feeding recommendation:
For medium to heavy work: 250g to 500g per 100kg bodyweight/day.
If the dosage is lower, the addition of a mineral feed is recommended.

Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses


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