Dr. Weyrauch Zn Zink

Herbal zinc preparation

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  • For zinc deficiencies
  • Supports the skin & hooves
  • Promotes the healthy function of the immune system

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The Zn Zink trace element preparation is used to quickly compensate for a zinc deficiency in horses. Zinc deficiencies can manifest themselves in skin and hoof problems, itching and allergies, as well as a weak immune system and susceptibility to infections.

Zinc deficiencies can also lead to mucous membrane and fertility disorders, emaciation and loss of appetite, as well as poor wound healing.

Mallenders, watery stool, diarrhoea and parasites can also be signs of a zinc deficiency. The zinc content in hay and other basic feed is not longer as high as it was ten years ago, which means that supplementing zinc may make sense for your horse, especially when it is changing its coat, or for genetically predisposed horses.

Food quality, high efficiency, optimal bioavailability, good taste

To achieve the best availability, pure organically bound zinc in the form of zinc chelate was selected for the Zn Zink. The zinc is embedded on a base made of the finest fruit, herb s and spices, all in food quality. The Zn Zink has been developed on the basis of many years of scientific research.

The Zn Zink is free of binding agents, flavourings and additives. eThe herb and fruit base of the preparation allows for the best bioavailability. The supplement can be used long term. After operations, injuries and severe infections, z you can use a double dose.

For cases of sweet itch, choose the dosage based on the severity of the itching. Check with your vet before using the supplement for more than 3 months as long-term zinc supplementation could provoke copper and manganese deficiencies. Make sure your horse receives enough trace elements like iron, zinc, copper and selenium, through a mineral feed.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Feed 10 to 30 g per day (1 to 2 measuring spoons full)
  • Double the dose if necessary. (For up to a maximum of 4 weeks)
  • Due to the increased trace element content, please do not feed more than 90g per horse per day.
Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses

Dr. Weyrauch

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