beris Tango Comfort Bar SOFT

For even distribution of pressure

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This innovative bit spreads pressure from the reins equally on the horse's head. The bit is meant to be used with two reins. While the first rein exerts pressure on the nose and lower jaw, the second rein works as a curb chain.

Thanks to its anatomically correct shape, the mouthpiece rests evenly on the tongue and at the same time gives the tongue plenty of freedom of movement and space. In addition, it has numerous other advantages:

  • The even pressure on the tongue means that the lips will not get squished
  • The tongue and bars will not be squeezed laterally
  • The comfort bar stays very still in the horse's mouth
  • Due to the slightly curved shape of the bar, the bit is very gentle
  • Provides gentle and comfortable communication between the horse and rider
  • Especially suitable for "hot" horses that do not tolerate heavy pressure in their mouths, as well as for those who prefer a more even pressure distribution on the head
Bit Sizes: 130 mm, 140 mm
Bit Characteristics: Bar

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