beris Pelham Autopilot Konnex HARD

For horses with sensitive mouths

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Pelham Autopilot Konnex HARD

  • Thanks to the Autopilot bit, the mouthpiece automatically positions itself in your horse's mouth so that only the least amount of pressure is applied to the jaw or tongue. The horse can also actively determine the position that the bit fits in the mouth.
  • Putting pressure on the reins means increasing the pressure on the horse's tongue or jaw, but the mouthpiece will sit in the position that is comfortable for the horse.
  • The chin strap or curb chain also helps reduce pressure on the poll.

The beris autopilot bit is recommended for horses:

  • who like to have a free tongue
  • those in the mouth prefer a more mobile bit
  • do not like pressure on their necks
  • who have sensitive mouths
Bit Sizes: 130 mm, 140 mm
Bit Characteristics: Bar

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