Atcom Digest Plus

With a high fibre content

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The horse's digestive system is very sensitive. In the event of feeding errors or unsuitable feed, this system may malfunction. The disturbances often manifest themselves in the form of faecal water problems or pressure drops. However, an intact digestion is crucial for the horse's vitality and for the utilisation of nutrients and vital substances that are absorbed through the feed.

Atcom Digest-Plus contains a high proportion of fibres and pectins, which can bind excess water in the intestine. Inulin and special yeasts can promote the reproduction of good intestinal bacteria. The yucca plant, liquorice root and milk thistle seeds can also be found in the composition. The bentonite contained in it can bind toxins and heavy metals.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Large horses: 250g per day
  • Small horses, young horses and ponies: 125 to 200g per day
  • Please note the national and international doping regulations. According to the FN, this product has a waiting period of 2 days.
  • Simultaneous oral administration of macrolides should be avoided.
Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses
More information
Composition: Yeast, lignocellulose, linseed expeller flour, brewer's yeast, locust bean gum, carbonated algae lime, sugar beet molasses, inulin, pectins, milk thistle herb, liquorice root, yucca, aniseed caraway, garlic, fennel, fenugreek seeds, marshmallow root Analytical components: Crude protein 10.6% Crude oils and fats 2.4% Crude fibre 16.5% Crude ash 9.9% Calcium 1.8% Phosphorus 0.2% Sodium 0.1% Potassium 0.4% Magnesium 0.5% Lysine 0.5% Methionine 0.2% Additives per kg: Vitamin B1 as thiamine mononitrate - pure substance 300 mg Vitamin B2 as riboflavin - pure substance 150 mg Vitamin B6 as pyridoxole hydrochloride pure substance 150 mg Vitamin B12 as a vitamin B12 preparation 1,200 µg Nicotinic acid as nicotinic acid amide - pure substance 880 mg Pantothenic acid as Ca - D - pantothenate pure substance 600 mg Folic acid as folic acid - pure substance 100 mg Biotin as a biotin preparation 10,000 mg Choline chloride as choline chloride - pure substance 1,500 mg Betaine as a betaine preparation 1,000 mg Copper as glycine - copper chelate, hydrate (E 4) 150 mg Cobalt as coated cobalt (II) carbonate (3b304) 20 mg Bentonite 100,000 mg Kieselguhr 25,000 mg

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