AlpenSpan AlpenSpan Exquisite

For a healthy stable climate

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  • Simplifies barn management
  • For an improvement of the stable climate
  • Enzymes bind ammonia
  • Improves hoof health

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AlpenSpan Exquisite is not only organic and environmentally friendly. This litter also simplifies the management of the stables.

This is how the litter works
Normal shavings make good bedding, no doubt. But normal litter has to be renewed every two months on average. This is different with AlpenSpan exquisite: the box, paddock or playpen must be cleaned a maximum of twice a year. Because the enzymes and bacteria added to the chip create the ideal stable climate! The enzymes act as “little helpers” and bind ammonia and prevent it from escaping into the air. The long manure removal intervals reduce the cost of materials and the slightly higher costs for the chip soon pay off. The huge reduction in the amount of manure is another pleasant side effect. Aspects that distinguish AlpenSpan exquisitely as an environmentally friendly product.

Little smell, fine organic manure
Ammonia elimination, no pungent smell, less dust, the reduction of the plague of flies in summer. In short: AlpenSpan Exquisite improves the stable climate. The litter turns into wonderful, almost odor-free organic manure, which, unlike other litter, can be put on fields and meadows without any problems. Farmers report an above-average fertiliser effect, which shows a high nutrient density in the manure. That means that enzymes and bacteria have bound and converted the ammonia.

Health-promoting mattress
Another positive aspect is the health-promoting effect of the “exquisite”, bioactive mattress that Alpenspan makes. The health of the hooves is better, ligaments, tendons and joints of the noble four-legged friends are spared, because the elasticity of the stable floor is very similar to a meadow.

Scattering Alpenspan exquisite
The litter is spread after the stable has been thoroughly cleaned. For the basic litter you take about 30 to 50 percent more than with conventional chip. This ensures an excellent mattress formation. Horse droppings should be removed daily and extremely wet areas (these can be recognized by their reddish discoloration) must be removed, as the enzymes suffocate here. This happens, for example, when horses always urinate in the same place or when a trough is leaking.

More information

= Technical data guaranteed according to ÖNORM 1030: = Sack size: 80 x 40 x 40cm Weight: 20kg Packaging volume: 120L Spreading volume: 500L Water content: (max.) 11% ph value of the manure: 7.8 Raw material used: untreated spruce Absorbency: (at least) 300% Nitrogen: (max.) 0.3%


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