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When the first warm spring days arrive, everyone wants to be the first to bring their horse to the field. That's all well and good, but often the excitement level is so great that your horse eats the fresh grass in front of him/her for hours without stopping. In short, digestion can become completely unbalanced.

With our Pasture Set from cdVet Naturprodukte we would like to support your horse at the start of the new grazing season! The herbal yeast supports digestion with vitamins and trace elements and reduces the risk of colic. The product is composed of beer boar, brewer's yeast, lemon balm, cress, milk thistle and nettle herb.

The fly spray concentrate is a repellent that keeps mosquitoes, horseflies and other pests from bothering you and your horse. Mixing is quick and easy with the practical user bottle. You only need to mix 10ml of the concentrate with 1 litre of water, attach the spray head and you can start using it! You can use the repellent on the go (e.g. at tournaments), in the stable or in the field. It does not irritate the skin and ensures that the stable air is refreshing.

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= Composition of fly spray concentrate: = Eucalyptus oil, emulsifier, essential oils, sage oil, thyme oil, geranium oil, caraway oil Active ingredient: Geraniol baua Reg No. N-50883 = Feeding recommendation herbal yeast: = Increase the amount of food to one or two measuring spoons a day within a week One measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 11g
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