Secures the basic requirement of minerals, vitamins & trace elements

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Atcom NUTRI-VITAL supplies the adult horse (4 to 15 years old) with high-quality nutrients and thus ensures the basic need for minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Atcom NUTRI-VITAL should be fed with the main feed in the following quantities:
  • Feeding amount per day:
  • Only 20g per 100kg bodyweight!
  • 10kg is enough for a large horse for 100 days!
  • Pony 200kg ½ MB = 40g
  • Small horse 300kg ¾ MB = 60g
  • Warmblood 450 - 500kg 1 heaped MB = 90 - 100g
  • Warmblood 600kg 1½ Mb = 120g
  • Cold blood 800kg 2 MB
  • (One measuring cup = approx. 70g)
  • During an intensive grazing season, the amount can be reduced to ¾ of the above amounts. Atcom NUTRI-VITAL can safely be fed permanently to the horse.
  • Note on feeding recommendation:
  • Make sure that there is sufficient supply of hygienically perfect basic forage.
  • We recommend a dose of at least 1.5 - 2kg of hay per 100kg of bodyweight per day and to distribute this dose over at least 3 meals per day.
  • Please do not give your horse any highly mineralised compound feed as concentrated feed in order to avoid excesses and imbalances.
Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses
More information
= Composition: = Carbonated algae lime, monocalcium phosphate, yeast, sugar cane molasses, sodium chloride, wafer flour, linseed, magnesium oxide, linseed oil, seaweed, magnesium fumarate, lucerne green meal, vegetable fat, anise, garlic, caraway, fennel, fenugreek, marshmallow root = Ingredients: = Crude protein 8.8% Raw fat 2.5% Crude fibre 0.3% Crude ash 53.2% Calcium 10.0% Phosphorus 4.0% Sodium 3.0% Magnesium 2.0% Lysine 2.0% Methionine 1.8% Cysteine 0.2% = Additives per kg: 0 Vitamin A 250,000 IU Vitamin D 15,000 IU Vitamin E 3,000 mg Vitamin C 5,000 mg Vitamin B1 300 mg Vitamin B2 150 mg Vitamin B6 150 mg Vitamin B12 1,200 ųg Nicotinic acid 880 mg Pantothenic acid 600 mg Folic acid 100 mg Biotin 30,000 ųg Choline chloride 1,500 mg Betaine 2,400 mg Iron 1,000 mg Manganese 1,500 mg Zinc 4,000 mg Copper 1,000 mg Iodine 12 mg Selenium 8 mg Cobalt 10 mg Lecithin (E 322) 2 100 mg Kieselguhr (E 551 c) 25,000 mg L-lysine DL-mehionine L-cysteine

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