Atcom Hepar-B

With targeted nutrients and secondary plant ingredients

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The liver and the digestive tract are very closely related. Since the intestinal and liver strain can lead to a reduction in self-synthesis, Hepar-B contains high-dose B vitamins.

In addition, Hepar-B has a high content of organically bound zinc. Lecithin, carnitine and choline chloride can help detoxify the liver. The grape seeds and rose hips contained have a positive effect on the immune system in combination with zinc, organically bound selenium and vitamin E.

Feeding recommendation:

  • 10g per 100kg of bodyweight
  • For large horses with a bodyweight of 600kg, give 60g daily in the concentrated feed. If possible, divide the daily amount into 2 doses (2 x daily 30g each).

Atcom Hepar-B is recommended to be administered over a period of 4 - 8 weeks.

Please note the national and international doping regulations. According to the FN, this product has a waiting period of 2 days.

Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses

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